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Photobooks and Prints

Photography event shoots of the highest standard is a great part of our service.  Another is the Professional Editing, Artwork and the Printing of the event’s photographs. That’s why we are able to deliver the best quality Photo Book Albums, Prints and Enlargements to all our satisfied clients. This service can either be ordered as an optional extra after the event shoot or we can incorporate it in the initial event shoot package. There is a vast range of post event shoot items from Wedding A3 Photo Books to A0 Canvas Prints so let us give you a special quote today.

About Us

Sandra and I are serious photographers and Video Filmmakers who have been shooting Wedding, Portrait, Matric, Corporate, and all other Events for over a decade. Having gathered all this photographic knowledge has allowed us to deliver a guaranteed high-quality product which is enjoyed by all our happy clients who repeatedly use our services. As an up to date company, we en devour to shoot every client as if it’s our only client. No event or shoot session is too small.

Contact us now so that we can offer our acclaimed service at a price that will surprise you.

Our Work

Because of our many years of Wedding, Event, and Corporate photo, video, and drone shoots, we have developed loads of versatility in our photography. A big part of being a master photographer in the art of stunning photography is the ability to understand and use all kinds of lighting situations. This is crucial to a successful photo session. The key to developing great pictures is creating the right degree of light in order to enhance the desired atmosphere. We have accomplished this with every shoot because of our understanding of light and equipment settings. We pride ourselves on fast, efficient and friendly service to all our clients. Let us do the same for you!

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About Us

Peter and Sandra Scott Photography Cape Town - Peter Scott Photography
Sandra Scott Photographer

Meet Photographer Sandra Scott

Peter and Sandra Scott Photography Cape Town - Peter Scott Photography
Peter Scott Photographer

Meet Photographer Peter Scott

Photobook Albums & Prints

Because we are serious about photography, Photo Books, Prints and Enlargements are compiled in the highest quality. 

Editing and artwork is something we create with the great attention to detail and as such, our clients

are always returning to us to do there digital printing or canvas enlargements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cape Town Wedding Photographers - What I clients want to know

  • How long and why did you become a Wedding Photographer? 
I have been a keen photography enthusiast ever since my mom bought me a little Kodak Instamatic camera back when I was a pre-teen. Even since the era of film cameras, I have been fortunate enough to always own pretty decent camera equipment so I became experienced in the art of light control which is what sets photographers apart. I started shooting weddings and portraits professionally in 2006. Now the reason Sandra and I love weeding photography is in the creativity that goes into wedding photography. It’s like no other form of photography and I simply love the fact that every wedding is different. We have produced master pieces with pretty much every wedding we have photographed. Click here to see our Album Page.
  • How will you make my wedding photos memorable?
My style and inspiration comes from a course I did with a highly acclaimed American photographer by the name of Doug Gordon. Through the years of very successful weddings and event photography my experience has taught me that one cannot just sit in a corner and fire away at everything (Journalistic Photography). Now even though this type of photography does have its place and we generally have a second photographer to do that, a true professional needs to find out what his client needs are and by using his developed skill and experience to create a bond with his bridal party. This is done by arranging a Free Pre-Wedding Bridal Party Shoot which will allow the photographer and his clients to bond and feel comfortable with each other so as not to create added pressure on the big day. Click here to see our Photo Books Page
  • What do we need to do to get great wedding photos?
An eagerness for the bridal party’s participation in all of the photographer’s endeavours and a willingness to make the best of all the photo taking on their special day. After all, we as photographers, are the only service you’ll be hiring that will start working with you from when the bride starts her make up until the end of the reception when you are sent off to your honeymoon (in some cases this could be 14 hours or more). This is why the wedding photographers and the bridal party must create that all important relationship before the wedding day shoot. Click here to see our Weddings Page
  • Why should we hire you as our wedding photographer?
This is probably the best and most important question you could ask. No one should ever hire a photographer who cannot produce a good portfolio or does not speak passionately about his work. If you get the feeling that the conversation is fuelled mainly about money, you most likely got the wrong guy. In my experience there has to be a fair compromise between passion for the art, quality and dedication of wedding photography and the fee charged. Sandra and I have almost never turned down a wedding shoot because we were a little out of the client’s budget. Because of our passion for what we do and the fact that we all have budgets, we have come up with a motto that suites us to a tee - quote “we shoot every client like it’s our only client” end quote. If you want exquisite wedding and portrait photographs, let’s settle on an appropriately affordable price by negotiating around your budget and let us get on with what we love most to do, take pictures. 
  • Do you and Sandra photograph every wedding together?
For the most part yes unless it’s a small private wedding where we are only requested to cover the ceremony or the reception and the portraits. But even then, Sandra and I like working together so much that she’ll more than not come along to assist me. Sandra is quite amazing when it comes to certain aspects of wedding photography like bridal preparation, the shooting of the accessories and the Journalistic type stuff. She is also a master when it comes to the follow through of bridal party procession procedure, a commonly neglected part of most weddings. 
  • What other forms of photography do you and Sandra do and what are your accomplishments?
We do pretty much everything related to photography. I have a very healthy corporate clientele so I do a lot of real estate and accommodation photography as well as wildlife but Wedding Photography is our passion mainly because of the uniqueness and the creativity that is different with every shoot. We are affiliated with many top photographic societies and many of my acclaimed wildlife and landscape images are on sale internationally. Recently we photographed a R64 million mansion in Camps Bay which was sold a week later to an overseas client who closed the deal based solely on our images. (This was one of our greatest achievements). Another great achievement for Sandra and I has been Shooting some Weddings and Conferences which included to ranked celebrities including one of Patricia Lewis’s best friends weddings. Click here to see our Corporate, other Events and Wildlife Pages
  • Have you ever photographed outside of Cape Town?
We have photographed all over the country and have just recently covered the launch of a very upmarket Game Lodge in Gauteng which was featured on Top Billing. Whenever there is a large Event, Conference or Wedding at the various lodges that we shoot for, we land up being the photographers of choice to cover the event. Click here to see our Up Country Pics
  • Do you provide a wedding photographer contract?
Absolutely, it protects both photographer and client in case either party has to cancel or there is an occurrence that prevents either party of attending the booked event.
  • Do you still shoot if it rains?
Most certainly. We have done many events where the weather did not go as planned but all our equipment is weather sealed and the show will go on as usual. With our many years of experience, we have developed many contingency plans to still provide you with top quality wedding images.
  • How long does it take for us to receive our digital images?
We generally hand select around 100 photos to share with your friends and family about a week after the wedding day. As we meticulously edit each of your 1200 to 1500 images, the rest takes about 3 to 4 weeks to edit.
  • Do you offer wedding books and prints?
We offer around 20 different Coffee Table Photo Book Albums in all shapes, finishes and sizes. We also offer Digital and Canvas Enlargements in any size. Our prints are all done by top companies who specialize in products especially tailored for Wedding Photographers. This service falls under the post shoot category of our business and is generally discussed a couple of months after the wedding day shoot. Click here to see our Prints Page
  • How many photos will be taken at our wedding?
Sandra and I will shoot around 100 to 150 editable images each per hour, this will give a total of around 1500 edited images for a medium to large wedding.
  • How are our wedding photos edited?
Although we use the best software and editing equipment currently available, our workflow is very conservative. We try to keep as many of the images as natural as possible. Our aim is more directed in getting the lighting correct while shooting whether it be with natural light or light modification creativity. This is only trained photographers can achieve. Please go to our Album Page to see our work by clicking here.
  • How long do you take you to cover a full wedding photo shoot?
This depends on the wedding shoot package you decide on. Our rates are based mainly on time and the amount of venues we have to shoot at as well as where the wedding shoot is to take place. Our packages range from small 3 to 4 hour intimate weddings to full scale 14 hour wedding shoots which includes everything from hair do and make up to full bridal party dress up, pre-ceremony photo shoots, the ceremony, full bridal party shoots, bride and groom portraits and full reception. Then there’s the post shoot editing work that could easily take 15 to 30 days.
  • How many weddings have you photographed?
We photograph between 24 and 30 weddings per year, this averages around 2 to 3 every month. There are times though where it’s off season like winter, where we will shoot less weddings. We also take time off at the end of the year to be with family, this is why it’s imperative to contact us for booking availability details. Click here to see last years work
  • Do you use studio lighting?
As mentioned earlier, we try to use as much natural light as possible but this is not always possible. Most wedding venues indoor lighting is very low and we therefore need to pull out the studio stuff. We do though use the most modern portable lights and modifiers so as not to compromise on image quality. 
  • How do we make our wedding booking?
Our booking procedure is very different to most other photographers. An official booking requires a deposit of R500.00 to R1000.00 (depending on the package taken) which is non-refundable. This alleviates the stress of having to fork out large sums of money in advance which will be more needed for other service vendors. The full balance of the photo shoot package fee is due 7 days before the wedding day shoot. For more information about booking details, please contact Sandra on 082 353 1263 or head over to our Contact page by clicking here.

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