Peter Scott Pro Photographer

Peter Scott Pro Photographer                                                                                                                       

Peter Scott Photography - Cape Town Photographer

Sandra Says: 

I have always admired my loving husband as one of the best photographers in the business. He has the ability to create the most romantic wedding and portrait poses on every event shoot. I have always loved his style and the way he works with his clients. His ability to make them feel comfortable and responsive while still enjoying every moment of the photo session. Peter often highly recommends to his wedding clients that they do a pre-wedding or couples shoot before their big day. Once they have spent an hour or two with him on the couples shoot, the comfort and easiness sets in which allows the Wedding day, Bridal Party and Portrait shoots proceed like clock work. This style of photography also shows when he shoots young Matric Couples who need gentle guidance to enhance their look on their very special day.

I have learned so much from Peter's photo shoots and a lot of my people skills knowledge has come from watching Peter interact with his clients. 

Through his years of photographic skills, Peter has developed a unique versatility, whereby everything he photographs is spectacular, from Social Event and Corporate Shoots to Real Estate and Vacation Venue Photography. He is truly a great all rounded photographer.

To contact Peter, kindly Call, SMS or Whatsapp him on 082 353 1263